Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Did you know the Friday before Mother’s Day is Military Spouse Appreciation Day? Well, now you do!

The husbands, wives, and significant others of our servicemembers may be silent supporters, but it’s no secret within the military community that these people are vital to the mission.

Yes, we’re loving spouses – we would be no matter what our partners did for a living. But military spouses know being a loving spouse is just part of the job of being a military spouse.

The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and National Guard spouse is a jack of all trades. I was very involved in our community in Pensacola, and I knew women who literally were mom at 6am making lunches for the kids.  Moving specialist at 8am coordinating pick-up and drop-off to the next duty station across the country (to an as-of-yet fictitious address that will hopefully materialize before the truck arrives). Accountant at 9am balancing the checking account and making sure all the bills were paid on time. Lunch date at noon after a quick shower and a run because meeting the husband in sweatpants when they have so few chances to do it is unacceptable.  Lawn maintenance expert at 2pm fighting her personal war with the weeds and fire ants. Plumber at 3 when that toilet starts acting up again and the dish disposal jams for the tenth time. Chauffeur for the kids’ sports. Chef for the family – even if it’s fish sticks. And at the end of the night, once again, wife to a loving husband.

And that’s while the sailors are stateside!

All spouses deserve a thank you. Being a good partner is a tough job. But I have to say, being a military spouse has some added challenges, extra sacrifices, and requires a cool head and great flexibility. Part of the military spouse’s job is to make everything else is taken care of so his/her servicemember spouse can focus on accomplishing the mission at work. And it’s a pretty important mission…keeping the country safe and all.

So today, I send a great big THANK YOU to all the spouses who are the captain of the ship at home when their husband or wife is the captain of the ship at sea (and even when they’re not. You know you are the CO of that house!).

Here is a public service announcement thanking Army spouses, but I think it’s equally applicable to spouses across the branches of service.

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  1. #1 by plankfoothalfsole on May 12, 2012 - 6:00 am

    Nicely said. My Mom was a military spouse for nearly 60 years, during which my Dad fought in three wars. She was the real boss, and everybody knew it.

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